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CConly's store : Urban chicken raising is sweeping across North America. Not everyone has a large yard or acreage to allow for a large Chicken coop but we can provide you with a home for your chickens that suits your backyard . There is nothing better than getting your own fresh eggs from your own chickens in your backyard.  Also, there is no easier way to teach your children where their food comes from.  They will love what they can see for themselves.  Plus, they will learn to respect the source from which their food comes from while giving them responsibility.  Your children can collect the eggs and provide them with fresh food and water.  It is a learning experience that will last a life time.

EZplucker's store : Provide the poultry industry with the affordable in-processing equipment specifically built for Small Farms, Hobby Farms, Backyard or Small Commercial Businesses. EZPLUCKER poultry dressing machines are a full range of stand-alone equipment for dressing poultry in a Non-Conveyor mode. Our commercial grade equipment is designed for our customers to see a significant reduction in processing time at a fraction of the cost. They are designed for dressing capacity of 1 to 10000 birds per day.

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    ACC-44 ACC-46 ACC-48 Chicken & Duck Coops









    CC-32-R2 CC-32-R2-H ( SOLD OUT) Backorder End Of Aug CC-78-H-R2  (Back Order - Ship June 10th) CC-78-R2 (BACK ORDER SHIP JUNE 10TH)
    CC-32-R2 CC-32-R2-H ( SOLD OUT) Backorder End Of AugCC-78-H-R2 (Back Order - Ship June 10th)CC-78-R2 (BACK ORDER SHIP JUNE 10TH)









    chicken plucker , ezplucker , stainless steel plucker stainless steel chicken plucker EZP-2  On / Off Switch
    EZ-131 (Backorder Ship June 10th)EZ-151 RH-65 EZP-2 On / Off Switch








    HG_W1 (1 Pair) Heavy Duty Neoprene Coated Glove 18" SP-1 Starpluck  ( Backorder End of May ) CC-18-R1-H CC-18-R2-H
    HG_W1 (1 Pair) Heavy Duty Neoprene Coated Glove 18"SP-1 Starpluck ( Backorder End of May )CC-18-R1-H CC-18-R2-H









    CC-78-R4-H CHICKEN COOP RH-25 RH-48-R1 chicken coop
    CC-78-R4-H (Back Order - Ship June 10th)RH-25RH-48-R1CC-18-N2-R2








    RH-08 RH-57 RH-57R1 RH-58